As we continue on our journey of introducing our amazing team of travel specialist at TierOne Travel, I am proud to present LaurieLee Rosser.
LaurieLee has been in the travel industry since 1978, she has seen it all and continues to love travelling and helping her clients see the most beautiful places on earth.
To say it simply, LaurieLee is my kind of person. Why? Through her experiences, she has been able to get to the core meaning of travel – gratitude, and knowledge. Not only do I find this trait truly inspiring but, I also see that it has a direct effect on her clients. LaurieLee is a promoter of travel, not only to see the world but to learn about it.
Her motivation comes from hearing about her client’s experiences of meeting new friends, creating lasting relationships and of course, learning new things.


Where would your top destination recommendation be for couples? Why? For the couples with a discretionary income, I think one of the most romantic destinations is Tahiti – in an overwater bungalow.  The destination is surreal. The privacy of just the two of you in the bungalow – peaceful and incredibly relaxing.
For couples that are a little adventurous and wish to soul search together, I would recommend an African Safari.  There is something that happens when you are at one with nature surrounded by the beautiful creatures.  Survival – witnessing the circle of life right in front of you – it is amazing and would be one of the utmost bonding experiences a couple may have.
What is your favourite lesson learned from travel? Never take what you have or life in general for granted.  We have so much to be thankful for and traveling around the world I see so many that are less fortunate than we are in North America.  You can learn to much when you travel.  It is not always about the destination …the journey and the experience is most valuable.  Count your blessings and be kind to others.   Now get out there and travel travel travel.
What is the best piece of travel advice you have ever received? Check in early …..don’t wait until the last minute to check in for your flight.
If you are ever in a destination and you see something that you “think” you may want to purchase…never procrastinate.  You may never return and if and when you do, the item you so wished you had purchased is gone.
LaurieLee has had some unique experiences, from African safaris and lifestyle retreats to dealing hands on in travel crisis and industry fluctuations. Her experiences haven’t left her disheartened instead they have enriched her as an individual and created the agent she is today – strong, competent and open minded.

Ready to have your eyes and heart opened by travel?


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