When you think of a trip to Italy, food likely comes to mind. Not just any kind of cuisine but authentic, fresh, local gourmet cuisine – that only Italy can offer. So why not, learn to cook in Italy?
While travelling throughout Italy one will notice that each region has it’s own culture and flavour, along with that is cuisine unique to the region.
Today visitors can take a bit of that uniqueness back home with them by experiencing cooking classes in various regions.
At one point in time, Sicily was considered the heart of Italian cooking, while that still remains to be true other regions have opened up their doors for an unforgettable culinary experience that tantalize the taste buds.

Below are some of our favourite cooking experiences throughout Italy


La Canonica Cooking School

Offering a variety of classes, learn how to prepare traditional Tuscan dishes and choose local ingredients from the on-site organic garden. Located on a hilltop surrounded by vineyards this culinary experience is often paired with local Italian wines that enhance the overall magic of the experience.


Enrica Rocca’s Cooking School

Enrica offers a truly unique experience in her own apartment in the heart of the city overlooking the Dorsoduro district. Her passion for cooking shines as she teaches traditional Venetian cuisine with a creative flair. A local sommelier is often on site to assist in wine pairing for each course.


Soul of Sicily

Soul of Sicily offers a sustainable cooking program in Noto, Southern Sicily. By teaching sustainable cooking practices that support the local economy, they have created an experience like no other. This is not just a cooking class; it’s an entire cultural experience that has set Soul of Sicily apart from other cooking schools in Sicily. You have to experience it to fully understand the timeless value.


Daniela’s Cooking School

Daniela’s classes are a seamless introduction to the city of Rome. Traditional dishes are prepared in this four-hour class that includes a trip to the local market and lessons in Daniela’s own home in the heart of Rome. Over lunch, Daniela will have you feeling like a local in no time.

Le Marche

La Tavola Marche

Located in a 300-year-old stone farmhouse with an aim to connect people and culture this experience is truly unforgettable in a distinctive Italian way. Offering full or half day cooking classes participants will spend their day sourcing local ingredients, preparing them in a traditional kitchen and of course savouring the flavours over a glass of wine.

Learn the art of truly enjoying cuisine and bring Italy home at one of these authentic cooking school in Italy

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